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I was born in Vienna in 1950 and I still live and work here.

I have attended numerous workshops and seminars by renowned artists. My training has been mainly autodidact.

Member of IG Bildende Kunst
Member of BVBK Styria
Member of Cultural Networking Lower Austria

Focus: abstract acrylic painting

1991 3rd place at the International PTT Art Exhibition in Liege, Belgium
2006 3rd place at the Regest Art Competition at the Tijani Gallery in Dortmund.
Exhibitions since 2003 (Selection):
hairgalery exclusive vienna, Wien
- Dr.Dimitri Papas, Hainburg
- Kulisse, Wien
- Orpheum ,Wien
- Niedermair,Wien
- Schmuckgalerie Cala Moqui , Perchtoldsdorf
- Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg ,Wien
- Galerie am Mölkersteig, Wien
- Atelier Cleo, Wien
- Galerie "Kunst für Alle", Wien
- Galerie "Village", Wien
- SMZ-Süd Kaiser Franz Josef Spital
- Dubravka Bratislava Saratovska, Kulturzentrum Dubravka
- Akzenta Graz 2007
- „Different Levels - Kunst im Turm“ Justizzentrum Wien Mitte -      2007
- 55-plus Bezirksamt Wien 15 - 2007
- Living Corridor – ARCOTEL Wimberger - 2008
- Neue Galerie Sensenwerk 2008

My Pictures
Most of my paintings are done free style with no draft. I simply place the canvas in front of me and let go. The process is „a dialogue“ between me and the canvas. I permit whatever should happen to happen. I destroy whatever is not supposed to be and permit that which should be to be. The paintings consist of acrylic paint, sand, earth, stones, newspaper and many other materials and develop, layer by layer. I experiment with everything I get my hands on. I paint with brushes, my fingers, sponges, spatulas, rolls of wallpaper, branches, sandpaper and various other unusual painting tools. And in the background there is always music. Music accompanies me, it inspires me and at times it leads my creativity.

My pictures develop step by step and continue until nothing else happens. Then I wait. I usually work on several paintings simultaneously so that I don’t get stuck. This also give the layers of paint time to dry before I continue work on that particular picture.

I consider a painting to be finished when it has been hanging on the wall for a longer period of time and has not called out to me to continue working on it.

My paintings are almost always presented without a title. The viewer should be free to find his or her own interpretation of the art presented on the canvas.

My jewelry -
"Jewelry especially for you"

You like to wear jewelry that is striking. Jewelry that expresses your self-image – the way you see yourself and the way you would like others to experience you. This is jewelry which is as unique as you are. It is especially for you.

I combine semi-precious jewels (for example rose quartz, turquoise, onyx, jasper, rock crystal and many other varieties) with pearls and silver pieces from India, Afghanistan, Ethiopia … Pieces made of brass from Ghana, China … Ceramic pieces, glass beads from Murano, Gablonz, India, Africa …
Lava, coral, amber, horn, wood, mother of pearl, bone and many more.

The result is for example a necklace or chain which has parts representing three continents.

I believe that a piece of jewelry lives and breathes through its form, its color and, most importantly, jewelry needs to tell its story.

Stones and minerals are a part of the earth’s story. Fossils represent the destiny of the animal world. Wood speaks of earth’s flora. Antique articles such as coins, old pearls and pieces of silver were witness to our forefathers’ history.

Come, look at and try on the jewelry. Perhaps you want to include certain healing stones or select your own gems or pieces? Have your own personally designed jewelry – especially for you – made.

Let me know what you want and need or make an appointment to visit me in my studio.

Magnificence seldom occurs because simplicity is so difficult.
(Lao Tse)